• For those who'd like to attend the section but can't make the Wednesday time. (We first proposed Tuesdays from 11-12, but this time turns out not to be so helpful.) If you're one of the students who wants to meet for Q&A at some other time in the week, let us know.

    You should see the student sessions as opportunities to clear up lingering issues from material we've discussed, and help get a better footing for what we'll be doing the next week. It would be smart to make a serious start on that week's homework, for instance, before the session.

  • Henceforth, unless we say otherwise, every homework will be "due" by Sunday morning after the Monday seminar in which we refer to it. (Usually we'll post the assignment shortly before the seminar, but don't rely on this.) However, for every assignment there will be a "grace period" of one further week for you to continue working on it if you have trouble and aren't able to complete the assignment to your satisfaction by the due date. You shouldn't hesitate to talk to us---or each other!---about the assignments when you do have trouble. We don't mind so much if you come across answers to the assignment when browsing the web, or the Little Schemer book, or anywhere. So long as you can reason yourself through the solutions and experience for yourself the insights they embody.

    We reserve the privilege to ruthlessly require you to explain your solutions in conversations at any point, in section or in class.

    You should always aim to complete the assignments by the "due" date, as this will fit best with the progress of the seminar.

    The assignments will tend to be quite challenging. Again, you should by all means talk amongst yourselves, and to us, about strategies and questions that come up when working through them.

    We will not always be able to predict accurately which problems are easy and which are hard. If we misjudge, and choose a problem that is too hard for you to complete to your own satisfaction, it is still very much worthwhile (and very much appreciated) if you would explain what is difficult, what you tried, why what you tried didn't work, and what you think you need in order to solve the problem.